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With over 30,000 members, is an expert social business software community at work. Established in 2008, is a Web 2.0 resource and expert network built exclusively for higher education CIOs, professionals, faculty, associations and vendors who develop, support and work with technology solutions. It is a private, secure community where members from around the world share lessons learned, research best practices and vendor solutions, learn about technology trends, and access expert content they need to succeed. utilizes nearly every feature of Enterprise Hive social business software and solutions, including public and private communities, free and premium groups, group sponsors, vendor and organization specific communities and sub-groups and expert content that can be easily found in blogs, wiki’s, document libraries and databases.

Challenge: was conceived as a professional collaboration network for higher education technology practitioners and providers, administrative professionals, vendors, associations, and faculty who are interested in and who work with technology. The site is made up of virtual communities of practice where members from around the world connect, collaborate, communicate, and access the information they need to succeed.


Powered by HiveSocial social business software from Enterprise Hive, edu1world launched in 2008.

Interest in edu1world was instantaneous, and within a few years, the edu1world community was joined by many other communities including Ellucian, which formed a community called The Commons, an online community to help open discussion and collaboration by connecting customers and employees around the world.

As a Software-as-a-Service, is continually monitored and upgraded to newer versions with more functionality. edu1world offers blogs, wikis, news, research, and a career center where members can post jobs and their resumes.


edu1world now has more than 30,000 members and is a collection of growing communities where members can connect, collaborate, share and access the information they need in order to improve individual performance and effectiveness in their work.


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