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How Social Business Platforms Improve Productivity


by Lauren Hart Piper , Vice President, Product Management and Marketing

Social media is often used by individuals to connect with friends and family. Businesses have taken advantage of this situation to create social business platforms that allow them to reach more customers, actively engaging them with relevant and interesting content. Although these common uses for connectivity can help a business grow and thrive, there are other ways social software can be used to make business operations run more smoothly.

What Is a Social Business Platform?

Social business platforms are similar to social media platforms in that they are a way for people to connect. A social business platform differs because it is controlled and the content is owned by the company since it is used in the workplace in order to increase productivity. A social business platform can help connect employees in the same building or employees across the nation.

Benefits of Social Business Platforms

Social business platforms can also play an important role in a business’ operations. Since a social business platform securely connects people in the workplace, this system can be used to offer better customer service and to expedite communications. Both of these uses for social business platforms greatly improve employee productivity, which is important for a business’ success. Read on to discover the specific areas social business platforms can be used to increase productivity and improve business operations.



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