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Staying Connected on Campus


by Lauren Hart Piper , Vice President, Product Management and Marketing,

As summer comes to an end, students around the country are beginning to head back to school. Whether they are new on campus this semester, or college veterans, students know how important it is to stay involved in the social scene in order to make the most of their college years. Studies show that there are academic and personal development benefits for those that stay involved in activities on campus, and activities give students the chance to network and meet new people.

In addition to community service projects that your college may offer, students can also look into Greek life and join a fraternity or sorority. Roughly one million college students belong to these organizations, and nearly 40 percent of students say that a college’s positive reputation for social activities affected their enrollment decision. Approximately 40 percent of full-time students live on campus, giving universities a sizable population with which to connect and interact.

Social enterprise software allows students on and off campus to connect with their institution, and improves connectivity between and among students, faculty, staff and alumni. Collaboration tools that can be used to keep students involved with their college include:

  • Blogs
  • Online Chats
  • Forums
  • Online Communities
  • Video/Photo Sharing
  • Gaming Mechanics

These tools not only foster communication when it comes to students working with professors and staff; different clubs and alumni organizations can use social enterprise software to manage social activities, conduct business, as well as track and reward behavior that leads to learning. A social enterprise solution that is easy to manage and control connects to systems of record such as the institution’s SIS and LMS solutions, and by delivering faster services to students and faculty, institutions become more competitive and effective with improved staff productivity. The result is a transformed institution that delivers through innovative technology a unified, personalized experience that today’s student, faculty, staff and alumni have come to expect.



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