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The Gamification of Reward and Recognition for B2E


by Lauren Hart Piper , Vice President, Product Management and Marketing,

Recognition. It is something so many employees want but many feel they do not get. It seems a struggle just to get a smile or a “good job” from superiors and even the slightest recognition can make a huge difference in productivity. Yet so many companies miss the opportunity to use it to their advantage. Gamification may be the solution you need to help improve morale and in turn improve productivity.


It is the latest buzz word gaining momentum much like social media did not too long ago. The use of apps and the constant obsession with hand held devices has made gamification a high demand tactic that is being applied to just about anything imaginable. But what is gamification? Gamification uses game mechanics to encourage people to participate in an activity in which they might not otherwise show interest. It can be a survey, a tactic to get people to visit a web or social media site or just something that draws attention to a brand. But now HR departments are zeroing in on gamification to help provide recognition to employees as well as to entice employees to complete tasks they might otherwise avoid.

Games are Second Nature

Whether you grew up in the era of gaming or are just getting the hang of it now, gaming has become second nature to most people. In fact, using a computer has become a life skill we are teaching are kids from a very early age. Most employees in your company have played a game or two in their time and following a game based program or app sometimes has an irresistible pull. The urge to keep fingers moving and minds engaged has become part of a near obsessive behavior made all the easier in which we indulge with hand held devices. Imagine harnessing that pull to not only keep staff motivated, but also as a way to reward them and provide recognition.

Gamification for B2E 101

So how can you use gamification for your B2E strategy? Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Play to win: Design a set of challenges that allows employees to win. You want people to be encouraged to participate. Many retailers for example have a monthly training program they encourage staff to follow. It is an online program that they read and then answer questions following the brief training video or reading materials. When presented using gamification staff are encouraged to participate because a) they want to see what the latest game might be and b) it becomes a healthy competition among co-workers or even against themselves to do better each month.
  • Provide feedback: At the core of recognition is feedback. Gamification provides ample opportunity to give your employees feedback whether directly or indirectly. Either one works and motivates.
  • Team player: You are always telling your team there is no I in team, yet many managers and leaders forget to demonstrate that themselves. Gamification can be used to show you are on their side and want them to succeed. It’s all in the way it is designed.
  • Fun: Nothing encourages people to participate in something more than fun. That is what gamification brings to the table, tablet or desk top computer: Fun. Fun amplifies everything and makes it more enticing to follow through.

Incentive to do well, rewards and recognition all work together for a happier more productive team. You will learn rewards are not always financial and recognition goes a long way to motivate. Reaping the rewards of increased productivity becomes easier when you use gamification to keep people happy.

Enterprise Hive delivers a reward and recognition platform that is easily configured to leverage game mechanics to incent and reward behavior of employees, customers and partners.  Visit our website at for more information or contact Enterprise Hive at


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