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The “So What” of Social Communities


by Lauren Hart Piper , President and CEO,

I remember in my college  marketing class, my professor who would always challenge me with two words.  “So what?”  To this day anytime I have a project or am working on a marketing campaign, I ask myself, “So what?”   Using this tactic has helped me save valuable time and create meaningful product programs and successful marketing campaigns.

So why not apply this same concept to social communities?  As your business is looking to launch a customer community for either sales and marketing, customer service or product management ask yourself the “So what” questions:

“So what is the purpose of this community for my organization?”

“So what will my customer find in this community?”

“So what will draw a  prospect to this community?”

“So what will keep people coming back?”

One of the primary components for a community to succeed and not fail, is that it must have clear and meaningful purpose for all stakeholders.  These stakeholders are customers, employees, prospects, and partners.

Think of your online community as a solution to a problem not another piece of technology.  By having  a well though-out compelling purpose for your social community in which you continually incent and reward the behaviors of your users that delivers business value, you will reap the benefits everyone talks about with social collaboration.

Vicki has over 25 years of experience as is an award-winning software company executive, author, blogger, consultant, guest-speaker, and entrepreneur. Vicki has received numerous awards and honors from companies including PeopleSoft, Oracle and NCR. She’s been a guest speaker at SACUBO, the Oracle HEUG, E!Learning Summit Events, Smart Woman’s Network, Richmond Venture Forum and numerous private venues.

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