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HiveSocial for Higher Education

HiveSocial for Higher Education unifies communications and knowledge sharing across the campus.

Enterprise Hive’s social networking platform for higher education transforms institutions into a social campus by easily connecting all internal and external constituents of the college campus. HiveSocial for Higher Education is a secure and safe, social community solution that enables students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, corporations and community to communicate, collaborate and share knowledge in an environment that is familiar to that of social media.

As a social networking hub for colleges and universities, HiveSocial for Higher Education is  a technical leading social business software solution that includes a full suite of  collaboration tools that can be accessed on any mobile device.   These tools include; activity streams, blogs, forums, communities, mail, online chat, documentation storage, wiki, video, photo and audio sharing and more.

Social is at the core of the educational enterprise. HiveSocial for Higher Education transforms the disparate campus communities of students, faculty, administration, alumni, future employers into private social networks that the institution manages and controls.

HiveSocial’s embedded gamification platform motivates, engages and rewards all constituents on campus.  Our motivation engine can help  improve staff productivity, boost student engagement and improve learning outcomes.

Take a look at our video for an overview, or contact us to learn more about unifying the networks across your campus and transforming your educational hive into a social campus.

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