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HiveSocial for Customer Service

HiveSocial for Customer Service brings new meaning to being a social customer centric company. With our community-building platform developed as a secure cloud-based application, HiveSocial is easy to use, quick and cost effective to deploy, and a snap to manage.

HiveSocial is a new dimension in customer service or help desk applications. You control the user experience, building interconnectedness between employees and customers with gamification mechanics and a suite of collaboration tools. Rely on HiveSocial to grow your customer community with a solution that connects:

  • people to people
  • people to systems
  • people to information.

Harness the power of social customer community software to so you can engage users quickly interact, and respond to their needs. HiveSocial helps customers become more self-sufficient when seeking solutions. They are rewarded for their positive contributions, and in turn, your enterprise is rewarded with greater efficiency and lowered customer support costs.