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Enterprise Hive transforms companies and higher education institutions with a social networking platform that brings people together, connecting them to information they need to succeed in their jobs and their studies. People are networking and living social where they work and where they learn. Activate the power of these existing dynamic networks within a collaborative business or educational community that attracts and engages people to improve business and student outcomes.

HiveSocial from Enterprise Hive is a leading business and education community platform that uses embedded gaming mechanics to quickly connect employees, customers and partners or faculty, students and staff to other community members. It provides a user experience that engages in communication and rewards for contributions, making every customer or student a success story.

Use social business software to zero in on all three top business needs: marketing and sales, customer service and product lifecycle management. With HiveSocial, companies can make every product launch perfect and every customer a brand advocate.

For higher education, HiveSocial will enable colleges and universities to connect the entire campus plus develop social learning communities that will increase student retention and improve learning outcomes.

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