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How can HiveSocial benefit you?

Go Mobile with Communities
24x7x365, on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, your customers, employees, partners and constituents are connected. Your community is connected to your brand and your users communicate the way they want. Your image is protected in private, secure communities.

Connect and Stay Connected
Quickly connect with members who share the same interests. Use HiveChat for real-time communication that keeps members of your community connected and delivers fast, courteous service that can increase your sales.

Find the Right Information
Reduce time spent by your customers and employees searching for the right information.
Easily find and reach out to members who are subject experts.
Use extended search capabilities to quickly find any piece of content on specific topics or by certain members on blogs, comments, documents or wikis.

Share Information Across Organizational Boundaries
From customer to customer, customer to employee, employee to employee and with partners, it is imperative to have intuitive, easy social collaboration tools. HiveSocial delivers all the social collaboration tools expected in a social community platform such as blogs, ratings, comments, activity streams, file repository and more. To deliver a positive user experience, all of HiveSocial’s features are designed with the same look and feel of the most popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Vibrant Communities Your Users will Use
HiveSocial is an all-inclusive community software platform that puts the power of social collaboration tools on any device in a private and secure environment. HiveSocial provides something different. Delivered with embedded game mechanics, HiveSocial enables top performing organizations to engage with customers and improve business outcomes.
Delivered with training tools, HiveSocial includes digital certificates to teach and reward even the novice social software user about community engagement.
Create vibrant communities with regular participation using leader boards, content ranking and social sharing.

Engage and Reward
Keep your customers, employees and partners engaged with gaming mechanics that reward and incent your users. The HiveSocial embedded gaming mechanics enable you to easily train users to use all the robust features of your community, encourage user participation and show your appreciation for their efforts and accomplishments with more than just a digital badge. Create your own challenges or quests for successful marketing campaigns or market research.

Authentication to, Vantive, and other systems is easy with HiveSocial.