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HiveSocial Community Software Platform


Once you are live with your community, our team is available to assist you with community management. Our community management services can be purchased as part of a monthly service agreement or on a time and materials basis. 

HiveSocial, the technology advanced business social network software platform, enables the transformation of current business processes into social workflows. Customers, partners, and employees become engaged, helping to build your brand, boosting innovation and attracting ever stronger sales prospects with every interaction.

Use social networking for businesses to create multiple public and private collaborative communities that build on existing dynamic networks. HiveSocial’s built-in reward and recognition engine that uses gamification mechanics and connections to enterprise systems such as Salesforce, provides a full suite of collaborative tools that are simple to use, quick to deploy, and a breeze to manage.  The dynamic of knowledge sharing, customer engagement, and expert discovery with reward and recognition will incentivize your users, all while driving success for the whole enterprise.

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