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Social Business Solutions

Enterprise Hive transforms higher education with an enterprise engagement platform that increases the quality of education while improving institutional effectiveness.

HiveSocial for Higher Education is a cloud-based, mobile ready, SaaS engagement platform that includes a dynamic suite of engagement tools including a gamification engine. With the power of HiveSocial, institutions can address the challenges of student retention and graduation rates and improve student outcomes.

Engaging and connecting students, faculty, staff and alumni with a familiar social experience that is private and secure will build stronger affinity among all constituents and strengthen the institutions’ reputation.

HiveSocial for Higher Education delivers innovative technology designed specifically to manage the complex relationships and operations within an institution. HiveSocial provides engagement technology for a modern student portal, an online course market place or a campus intranet.

Combining Enterprise Hive’s technically advanced platform with the company’s extensive knowledge and experience within higher education gives any institution a complete social business solution.