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Why HiveSocial? – Higher Education

BYOD and Connect Campus, Business and Community Constituents
24x7x365, on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, your students, staff, faculty, and alumni are connected. Your residential and virtual campus community is engaged and all constituents communicate in the way they prefer.

Build campus networks
Quickly build campus networks for students, faculty, staff and alumni who share the same interests.

Increase Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing
Significantly enhance collaboration across the campus with a full suite of collaboration tools that includes activity streams, chat, blogs, comments, forums, wiki, documents, video and audio sharing.

Identify subject masters
Easily identify subject masters for peer mentoring to increase knowledge of students, faculty and staff.

Supplement and Extend Learning Management Systems
Foster more quality discussions in an environment where it is easier to share resources and receive feedback. Improve interactions and take a proactive approach to discussions with faster response time via instant notifications and on-line chat.

Improve Staff Productivity and Services to Students
Reduce time spent by faculty and staff searching for the right information. Use extended search capabilities to quickly find any piece of content on specific topics or by certain members. Be able to quickly respond to and resolve student questions and requests for assistance.

Track, Engage, Motivate and Reward Constituents
Interacting with staff, students, alumni and others with game mechanics provides more control over the institutional brand, while encouraging desired user behavior. With HiveSocial Gamification, immediately begin to track measure and recognize activity and behavior within HiveSocial or in any other transactional systems. Awards can take the form of badges, certificates or coupons.

Improve Learning Outcomes and Overall Institution Experience
Remove the barriers to learning and improve student success by delivering a positive social user experience with an engagement platform that is user friendly and easy to navigate. HiveSocial has the familiarity of popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter that today’s student, faculty, staff and alumni expect.

Transform institutional effectiveness and competiveness with an a technology advanced enterprise engagement platform
Deliver the enterprise experience today’s student, faculty, staff and alumni expect with a platform that delivers JSON RESTful API’s to synchronize data from traditional transactional systems to the fuller enterprise which includes single sign on, social media, mobile and wearable devices. Only HiveSocial for Higher Education delivers a hosted, SaaS solution that is 99% configurable.