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Gamification Software

HiveSocial incorporates an advanced gamification platform to enable interaction among all your communities as well as with your enterprise systems. Gaming mechanics will:

  • generate powerful incentives
  • reward positive contributions
  • track learning outcomes
  • lead to greater productivity

Interacting with customers and learners through game mechanics gives your enterprise and institution more control over your brand, while incenting behavior of the user in the open environment of social business and social learning. Games or quests lead users to help solve each other’s issues, create positive content, share best practices and knowledge through simple techniques like awarding points for levels of achievement.

Motivate your community members to participate with rewards that show their status or credentials as you connect them to relevant people in the community and to the information they seek. Results? You will build valuable data from how users actually interact, rather than relying on broad demographic information, and generate long-lasting brand loyalty and increase student outcomes through deeper involvement with your customers and students.