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LinkedIn Sends Thank You Letters to “Innovators”


LinkedIn reached an important milestone this week.  Over 100,000 million people have joined LinkedIn and the company sent personal emails to the first 100,000.

According to the email that I received, I’m LinkedIn user number 9,617.  LinkedIn has delivered on the early promise of helping me be more successful and productive.  I rely on it regularly to contact former colleagues and to make new business connections.

The technology adoption life-cycle recognizes that innovators are necessary to help lead the way.  I’ve always been an early adopter of technology and my vision for the possible and willingness to ask “why not?” has led me to Enterprise Hive.

I appreciate that LinkedIn has reached out to the users that helped make them successful.  I always knew that I was an early user, but until today I had no idea how early! What’s your number? Great job LinkedIn.

Vicki Tambellini


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