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INFOGRAPHIC: An Overview of Higher Education Online Learning Courses


With increases in tuition affecting students around the country, more and more individuals are turning to online courses in order to earn their degree. Over 7.1 million students are taking at least one online course as this method of instruction grows in popularity. Arizona has the highest number of students enrolled exclusively in online courses, at 48 percent, and nearly 45 percent of those enrolled in online courses nationally are in distance learning programs for an institution outside of their home state.
Who Takes Classes Online?
Approximately 22 percent of graduate students and 11 percent of undergraduate students study exclusively online, which allows them to spend more time at work or caring for their family. Community colleges nationwide report a 72 percent completion rate for their online courses, and studies show that 65 percent of all students have taken an online class in their academic career. Around 70 percent of online students are female and around 60 percent are over the age of 30.
No matter your background, there is sure to be an online class you can enroll in as you work toward your degree or certificate so you can stay on the path toward your new career.

Higher Education Online Learning Courses

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