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Enterprise Hive’s Vision for Customer Communities


Mark Beinoff of SalesForce reinforces that customer communities is the new CRM.

At DreamForce last week, Mark Beinoff CEO of SalesForce, predicted that social customer communities that engage customers, partners and employees will be the foundation for the new generation of successful organizations. “The third great wave of computing is upon us,” said Benioff, referring to an interconnected world where customers, companies and products are in constant communication with each other. This highlights the importance of technology that deepens the relationship between companies and their customers. While much of the connected devices metaphor seems to be futuristic, companies that are connecting their customers through communities are already reaping huge benefits.

Enterprise Hive, a 2013 CRM Idol semi-finalist has been creating successful customer communities since 2009. “Our vision has always been to provide innovative solutions that cultivate transparency between customers, employees and partners in order to deliver real business value,” said Lauren Hart Piper, Vice President Product Management and Marketing. “This announcement at Dreamforce validates that our HiveSocial customer community SaaS platform which includes a gamification engine for reward and recognition, is a pillar to an organization’s success.”

Enterprise Hive recently announced a SalesForce Connector for Service Cloud and CRM that integrates customer community discussions into the workflows of help desk agents as well as increase the volume of leads for sales.

About Enterprise Hive

A 2013 CRM Idol semi-finalist, Enterprise Hive helps employees, customers and partners find the information they need to do their jobs through innovative SaaS social business solutions that includes an award and recognition gamification engine. Solutions from Enterprise Hive include HiveSocial for Customer Service, HiveSocial for Sales and Marketing and HiveSocial for Product Lifecycle Management. Click to view original Press Release.


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