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Free copy of the 2014 State of Community Management Report


Enterprise Hive is proud to be a sponsor of this very important research from The Community Roundtable, The State of Community Management 2014

This year’s research assesses the maturity of online business communities based on the competencies in The Community Roundtables’ Community Maturity Model and sought to answer three main questions:

  1. How are communities performing?
  2. What are the standards and strengths of communities?
  3. What opportunities should community managers focus on to grow their programs?

Inside the research report there are insights and data supporting  three key findings:

  1. Community maturity delivers business value
  2. Advocacy programs increase engagement
  3. Executive participation impacts success

In additional to the key findings, the report includes data, analysis, case studies, actionable insights and recommendations related to the eight maturity competencies in the Community Maturity Model.

We are delighted to be able share this report. Download your complimentary copy of this report today.

Download report

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