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Enterprise Hive Announces Major Release of HiveSocial


Enterprise Hive is pleased to announce version 5.0 of our social business software platform, HiveSocial. This new release provides an improved user experience for community managers and administrators of HiveSocial online communites with “one page administration” that includes drag and drop capabilities to configure platform features that include:

  • Dynamic profiles
  • Contact forms
  • Landing pages
  • Polls, News & Events
  • Community templates

This release also includes published API’s that will enhance HiveSocial’s functionality as a platform for easy integration with other enterprise systems.

HiveSocial version 5.0 demonstrates how Enterprise Hive continues to develop and enhance its solutions and products with the newest and innovative technologies to enable higher education and businesses to easily transform to  a social campus or business.  This new release of HiveSocial is built upon the latest Microsoft Web API technology and Google’s AngularJS framework making this release of HiveSocial even simplier to configure, manage, and connect communities.

The official release can be found here.


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