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Enterprise Hive congratulates Ellucian’s 2012 Outstanding Contributors in the company’s customer collaboration community


This week, Ellucian (formerly Datatel+SGHE) announced the 2012 Outstanding Contributors in the companys’ customer collaboration community – The Commons. Since 2010, The Commons has been hosted within and is powered by the social business platform from Enterprise HiveHiveSocial. With over 100 communities and 20,000 members, The Commons is the most successful and vibrant example of Ellucian’s commitment to customer collaboration. It demonstrates the power of social business software in bringing vendors and customers together to improve communications and strengthen relationships. Enterprise Hive is proud to be the provider of the platform that supports Ellucian and its goal of cultivating the collective intelligence of a global client community to benefit all its members.

We join Ellucian in congratulating each of this year’s recipients who were nominated by their peers.

The 2012 Outstanding Commons Contributor recipients are:

Josh Bergstrom, Salk Institute, Banner Finance

Jennifer Boettger, Cornell College, PowerCAMPUS Advancement

Zach Hayes, Georgia Institute of Technology, DegreeWorks and TreQ

Jim Olick, Johnson & Wales University, Banner Financial Aid

Ali Penton, University of West Florida, Banner Human Resources

Erik Schmitz, Arizona State University, International Students & Scholars

Lisa Skinner, Texas A&M Foundation, Advance Suite

Adrian Smith, Northland International University, PowerCAMPUS

Deno Tufares, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Banner

Kevin Vaughn, Texas Tech University, Banner Document Management Suite


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